Andrew and Carisa, Artist and Manager.

I have been a cartoonist and illustrator since I could hold a pencil, “which was very difficult for me according to my mom”.

After graduating from CCAD in Columbus Ohio in 2001 I worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer, cartoonist, forklift driver, group home worker etc…ah the life of an artist.

After creating an art piece for my wife around 2008 an acquaintance stopped by noticed it and asked for a custom one of her little French bulldogs.


On a whim we attempted to make a collection of pieces to attend the Fish and Shrimp Festival in Urbana, Ohio with some art. Some years later In 2011 we attended our first full art show With a hand made fabric walls folding tables, lots of wild wall art, and a rickety pop up tent.

This is the Delaware art Show doing much better and improving our set up.

After 3 years of giving it our best, we had a few rocky shows and lost our steam, so we packed it up, filled the attic with artwork and forgot about art shows for 8 years.


In 2019 my wife began mentioning art shows and urging me to start producing artwork again. Skeptically I slowly moved forward but it was a difficult road, as we slowly developed a new style and presentation for the artwork. Our plan for 2020 got side-tracked due to Covid. Summer of 2021 saw the first art show for us in 8 years and we still loved it! So much so that we are planning three times the amount of shows for 2022!

Otter Be Happy is our newest venture.

We’re excited to attend art shows and share colorful and fun artwork with loads of wonderful people. See you out there!

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you can follow our art show schedule and updates on our facebook page.